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Varsity Olathe North 17 – Olathe NW 14

Big game between two Olathe rival schools as it usually is, was held at CBAC October 14th.  Entering the contest, the Eagles have only 1 league win under their belt and the Ravens with 2 wins in league play.  At this point, win or lose, raises many questions and speculation of where will each team be seeded for post ... More

Varsity Olathe North 32 – Shawnee Mission West 47

The Eagles were the visiting team at the Vikings home field for the October 7th match-up.  Although the Vikings did get the win as they were predicted by some to do, the Eagles seemed to have turned a corner and really stepped up as a whole and showed much improvement.  A contributor to the team improvements in play is ... More

Varsity Olathe North 7 – Lawrence 28

Varsity Olathe North 7 - Lawrence 28 The Eagles faced another tough foe this week as they hosted the Lawrence Lions (4-1) at ODAC. The first half was a hard-fought contest with each team held scoreles in the first quarter. The defensive slugfest continued in the second quarter and at the half, the teams were tied at 7. ... More