Olathe North 40 – Shawnee Mission North West 28

With the Eagle's senior night and last regular season game, emotions were running high. Cougars came out shooting strong with a variety of passing attacks and took advantage of the Eagles slow start.  Early in the first quarter, Eagles again struggled with penalties 5 total.  The Eagles got their motor started and was ... More

Varsity Olathe North 17 – Olathe NW 14

Big game between two Olathe rival schools as it usually is, was held at CBAC October 14th.  Entering the contest, the Eagles have only 1 league win under their belt and the Ravens with 2 wins in league play.  At this point, win or lose, raises many questions and speculation of where will each team be seeded for post ... More

Varsity Olathe North 32 – Shawnee Mission West 47

The Eagles were the visiting team at the Vikings home field for the October 7th match-up.  Although the Vikings did get the win as they were predicted by some to do, the Eagles seemed to have turned a corner and really stepped up as a whole and showed much improvement.  A contributor to the team improvements in play is ... More

Varsity Olathe North 13 – Shawnee Mission East 48

The Eagle varsity schedule and season continues to be tough and Friday 9/23 game was no exception.  The Lancers came south to ODAC with a 2-1 season record and ranked #1 by sunflowerfootballnews.com and #3 in Kansas.  They also have 17 returning  starters. With the Eagles young and inexperienced squad, the Lancer's ... More

Varsity Olathe North 21 – Olathe South 20

Friday September 9th the Olathe North Eagles were the visiting team at ODAC competing against Olathe South Falcons, both with 0-1 records. Eagles had a slow start in the first quarter which included 2 fumbles,  a couple of penalties which they quickly fell behind by 14. Even though the Falcons took a fast ... More