Varsity Olathe North 21 – Olathe South 20

Friday September 9th the Olathe North Eagles were the visiting team at ODAC competing against Olathe South Falcons, both with 0-1 records. Eagles had a slow start in the first quarter which included 2 fumbles,  a couple of penalties which they quickly fell behind by 14. Even though the Falcons took a fast lead the Eagles began to build momentum, the Eagle defense began getting stops and the offense started clicking. North finally punched in the first 6 points on a short run up the middle.  Halftime score with the Eagles down was 6-14.
Second half of the game was a much different story with more momentum continuing for the Eagles. The Eagle’s offense was able to string together a long drive to wear down the Falcon defense.  This resulted in a short TD run for the Eagles with 6 points and a 2 point conversion knotting the game at 14 all. The Eagle defense then took charge and got the ball back. Eagles again had another solid drive from their offense which resulted in another 6 points from 10 yards out, this one took the lead and with the point after made the game 21 – 14. On a last effort by the Falcons, they had a 77 yard pass play that resulted in a touchdown. With just 2:01 left in the game, score 21-20 with Eagles leading, the Falcons opted for the win with a 2 point conversion but was denied in a big way. The ball now in the possession of the Eagles, they ran the time down and walked away with a dramatic 21 – 20 victory over the Falcons on a strong defensive stand.
Offensive Stats for North:
Jonya Boyd (#3) 14 carries for 99 yard
Deion Poindexter (#21) 18 carries for 92 yards
Mason Myers (#4) 18 carries for 24 yards, 1 for 2 on passing with 17 yards and 3 rushing TD’s
D’Artagnan Harris (#34) 1 reception 17 yards
Defense Stats for North:
Javon Parrish (#20) led the defense with 15 tackles
Jonya Boyd (#3) 9 tackles
Drew Rediger (#77) 8 tackles
Ryan Huck (#48) 8 tackles
The rest of the defense contributed with 6 tackles for a loss
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