Olathe North 40 – Shawnee Mission North West 28

With the Eagle’s senior night and last regular season game, emotions were running high. Cougars came out shooting strong with a variety of passing attacks and took advantage of the Eagles slow start.  Early in the first quarter, Eagles again struggled with penalties 5 total.  The Eagles got their motor started and was able to counter the pass game of the Cougars, the Eagles defensive backs did provide crucial coverage the entire game which resulted in fewer breakdowns.

The Eagle’s first half continued in their favor with plenty of highlights with interceptions by #48 Ryan Huck, #25 Elijah Williams and 2 by #20 Jevon Parrish.  Defensively #56 Matthew Burks showed what he can do and had a big tackle for a loss and #80 Eric Dooley was able to get a clear read on a pass play and that ended a series for the Cougars.  Going into half-time score the Eagles lead with 27-14.

#11 Zac Krause continues to play well and also connect with #22 Daymonnn Sanchez on several occasions.  Additional highlights including #21 Deion Poindexter with a QB sack and also with an amazing chase from behind at about the Cougar 10 yd line where he was able to snatch the ball right out of the hands of the Cougar player which saved a touchdown which then turned the ball over to the Eagles.

Great team play Eagles! Thank you seniors and your families – the memories you have made have been earned from hard work, dedication and camaraderie.

Offensive Stats:
#11 Zac Krause 12 rushing attempts for 59 yards, 14 passing attempts with 5 completions 2 TDs
#21 Deion Poindexter 21 rushing attempts for 118 yards and 1 TD
#22 Daymonn Sanchez 8 rushing attempts for 150 yards 3 TD, 2 passing receptions for 75 yards resulted in 1 TD
#25 Elijah Williams with 2 receptions for 56 yards resulting in 1 TD

Defensive Stats:
#80 Eric Dooley with 8 solo tackles, 7 assisted tackles, 2 tackles for a loss, 1 interception
#20 Jevon Parrish with 5 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles, 2 interceptions



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