Varsity Olathe North 32 – Shawnee Mission West 47

The Eagles were the visiting team at the Vikings home field for the October 7th match-up.  Although the Vikings did get the win as they were predicted by some to do, the Eagles seemed to have turned a corner and really stepped up as a whole and showed much improvement.  A contributor to the team improvements in play is large in part due to a new offense which has provided the Eagle’s with a better variety and has set them up for big plays as the stats will validate.

The Vikings scored early twice starting with the first drive of the game. After a short possession the Eagles turned it back over to the Vikings and they scored for the second time.  The Eagles mojo kicked in when #22 Damonn Sanchez returned the kick-off for long yardage which eventually set the Eagles up for a QB keeper by #11 Zach Krause for a touchdown.  Taking advantage of a bad Viking snap, the Eagles recover only to turn it right back over with a fumble. With each team having their own offensive shoot out the rest of the first half, the score at half-time, 19-28 with the Eagle’s trailing.

Sanchez opened the 2nd half up with an exciting kick return for a touchdown. Although the Eagles are closing in on the opponent, they had another missed extra point making it the 3rd miss attempt at this point for the night, score is now 25-28.  With flags flying for both sides, Eagles allowing another TD for the Vikes and turnovers in the 3rd quarter the Eagles start the 4th quarter with the score at 25-34.  Even with another Eagle TD on a punch in and the made extra point, they allowed the Vikes to score again without being able to recover, final score 32-47.  All in all, great game, very exciting to see the energy of our Eagles!


Offensive stats:
Deion Poindexter (#21)  11 rushing attempts for 118 yards with one rushing TD and one receiving TD.
Jonya Boyd (#3)  21 rushing attempts for 117 yards with 2 rushing TDs.
Zac Krause (#11) 17 rushing attempts for  72 yards.

Defensive stats:
Ryan Huck (#48)  6 unassisted and 7 assisted tackles
Jonya Boyd  (#3) 4 unassisted and 6 assisted tackles
Deion Poindexter (#21) 6 unassisted and 3 assisted tackles
Team – 8 tackles for loss

Special Teams:
Damon Sanchez (#22) 89 yard kickoff return for a TD

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